Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I apologize for not writing last night. My family and I were at the hospital late visiting with Matthew. He did not get out of surgery until much later than initially expected due to another person's surgery taking longer. The pelvis surgeon called us while Matthew was still in surgery with another doctor to inform us that Matthew did not need pins in his pelvis. He said, "It's not a pretty pelvis, but it's a stable one and that's what's important!" He also told us that Matthew's leg was out of traction. Matthew needed some new skin grafting, but not much. They replaced the other catheter while Matthew was anesthetized, so luckily Matthew did not have to endure any more pain related to that.

We saw Matthew a few hours after his surgery and he was in good spirits, despite some grogginess. He said that his leg started to hurt about an hour after the surgery and the doctors were not expecting that and therefore, had not prepared for it. He said he endured incredible pain for quite some time before some pain medication started working. He maintains the strength and courage of a lion, though, and although he talks about the pain, he never complains or resorts to self-pity. He talks about it like "it's over now, so moving right along."

I returned to South Pasadena tonight as I have work in the morning. Next week, I will begin my part-time status, where I will essentially split my time between work and Matthew in San Diego. I am going to give it a try and see how it goes.

My family and I had the opportunity to take our dogs to the dog beach in Ocean Beach today. It felt so therapeutic for my family to have some time outside amongst the wind and the ocean and many, many happy playful animals and people. We brought Matthew some delicious food afterwards from the Peoples' Co-op and then I went to the house and made a healthy, hearty dinner for my parents and me.

My mom and dad felt so happy today to see my brother eating well...a sign of life and wellness. I was happy to be around. I am happy to have my life and I am so happy to have my brother.


  1. We love him too Erin. He's always on our minds and news of progress like this really help us. We know it's a tough road ahead but he is one hell of a man.

    Please carry our love to him the next time you visit.


  2. These are big steps forward for all of you. We're so happy you are getting some good news. I wish we could be there to rub your backs and make you a nice dinner with soft music and candles.