Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Easing Into It

This experience has been full of so many transitions and with each transition exists an adjustment period. Matthew seemed more at ease today and given his ease, I felt more at ease. He described more of the accident today and more of his struggles once nighttime approaches. He also talked about his hopes for the future and goals. I encouraged him to keep picturing himself healing and to imagine limitless possibilities for himself. I talked to him about the benefits of mindfulness in hopes this will reduce the negative thoughts that approach him when the room is dark and he is alone for the night. I am constantly amazed by his strength and the positive outlook he keeps.

I feel tired today, but also relieved. My life being in flux is definitely difficult, but I know I want to be here. A friend suggested today that I meditate. It's funny because before all of this happened, I tried to meditate much more regularly and I realized that since the accident, the thought of sitting with my breath feels almost scary, foreign, and so easy to talk myself out of doing. So, maybe I will take my own advice tonight and practice mindfulness, coming back to my breath, the fountain of life, coming back to my center and feeling the earth beneath me, holding me, supporting me, grounding me. And I will check in with Matthew tomorrow about how it all worked out.


  1. i think meditation is good advice....

  2. Breathe in, Breathe out. Just breathe.
    With each exhale release the stress, tension and toxins from your body. With each inhale, receive the opportunities given to you just by the breath you take.

    You are loved. You are admired and appreciated. You are the one chosen to take care of your brother at this time. Others will have their turn, I hoping to be one some day. Right now, you are THE ONE!

    BREATHE, gentle soul.